Meetings for Mac


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Requires Mac OS X 10.7+

Take meetings minutes
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Meetings lets you organize and keep track of your meetings. It is very fast and saves everything for future reference.

With Smart Entry, focus on what you type and enter a complete meeting quickly and easily.

Organize & Optimize
your meetings

Simply by filling the sections, Meetings helps you think about, and do, the right things:

  • invite just the right people
  • plan preparation activities
  • define an agenda
  • take notes for the discussions
  • outline decisions
  • share your meetings via email
  • define the next steps...

...and send them to Reminders, Fantastical, OmniFocus and Things with a simple click.

Plan Everything - Make it Happen!

Syncs in the cloud Syncs Effortlessly iPhone & Mac Syncs in the cloud

Meetings Cloud Sync
that just works

Your Mac and iPhone will always be in sync.

  • no settings
  • no configuration
  • no stress

Every change you make on your Mac is automatically pushed to your iPhone and vice versa.

Cloud sync is also very helpful when you buy a new iPhone, or for your Mac at home: just sign in with your user name and password and all of your meetings will be synced automatically.

How will you use Meetings?

Try Meetings for free
for 30 days

Requires Mac OS X 10.7+